2022 (Year 63):

* The 1st March roll was 928.

* On Sunday 23rd January, New Zealand moved from the Covid  4 levels system to the Covid Protection Framework (CPF) known as the coloured light system. NZ was placed into Phase 1 at the Red level. On Tuesday 15th February, NZ moved to Phase 2 at the Red level. Due to increased daily positive cases, on Thursday 24th February, NZ moved to Phase 3 at the Red Level. On Saturday 26th March there was longer any restriction on outdoor events. On Thursday 5th April vaccine passes and scanning-in were no longer required, and the vaccine mandate for education staff was dropped. On Thursday 14th April, all New Zealand moved to the CPF Orange level. On Monday 12th September the CPF was abandoned and the wearing of masks was only required in medical establishments.

* On Tuesday 1st February, the government announces that the $23 million building upgrade of Spotswood College may not start until the middle of 2023. The project was first announced in July, 2020 (one of four major projects) with the design work starting in 2021. 

* Sunday 13th February, ex-Tropical Cyclone Dovi brings gale force winds, large swells and heavy rain to central New Zealand including Taranaki, as it tracked down the East coast.

* Monday 11th April, ex-Deputy Head Boy(1989) Simon Eaddy visits the College to speak to Football players. He was the assistant coach of the Canadian Mens' Football team that participated at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

* Wednesday 13th April, ex-Tropical Cyclone Fili brought strong winds to Taranaki as it tracked down the East Coast.

* Tuesday 28th June, classes move to alternate junior senior days for the last two weeks of Term 2 due to the "Super Flu" absenteeism of both students and staff.

* Saturday 2nd July, the annual Senior Ball ("Gilded Glamour"-with a touch of class) was held at the Plymouth International Hotel.

* Wednesday 13th July, the Ministry of Education announces the average equity index (EQI) for each region. Taranaki/Whanganui/Manawatu scores 479. The index utilised 37 socio-economic to calculate an index number between 344 and 569 for each school. The new EQI replaces the decile funding model. Schools will find out in September how much funding they receive under the new system.

* Saturday 10th September, ex-spotswoodian Shannon Austin (1990-1994 & Deputy Head Girl in1994) as the acting NZ
   High Commissioner to the UK meets King Charles III following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.