1960 Foundation Plaque 2

During the first term, the main two-storey block(A block) was not available as it had not been completed. During this period, the technical drawing-room, metalwork shop and a double pre-fabricated room had been used as general classrooms. 

However, the main block was occupied on the first day of the second term, and on May 25th, the Hon. P.O.S Skoglund, Minister of Education, arrived to open officially the new College.

It had been intended to hold the ceremony outside, where both parents and pupils could have participated fully, but frequent heavy showers forced a sudden alteration of plans and the ceremony was transferred to the library. Since about 150 parents had to be accommodated, only the prefects attended the ceremony.

Mr. L. M. Moss, Chairman of the New Plymouth High School Board, opened proceedings. “This ceremony” he said, “marks the opening of the first post-primary school at New Plymouth for 75 years”. He referred to certain difficulties the High School Board had had with the Education Department over the plans for the school in 1956, but believed that Spotswood College and other post-primary schools were benefiting from the discussions that had taken place in 1956. He hoped that the Minister would be able to do something about having the playing areas expanded.

Short addresses were then given by Mr. E.P. Aderman M.P. for New Plymouth and Mr. A.G. Honnor, Mayor of New Plymouth.

“I believe that every school is entitled to what every other school gets” Mr. Skoglund replied. The question of extra playing fields was under review, he stated. He pointed out that it would be about a year before any conclusions could be drawn from the Nelson plan, which was the design used in building Spotswood College.

After a year it might be possible to deduce any imperfections in the layout. He was aware that the school would expand quickly, and stated that the next two-storey block of eight classrooms would be built as quickly as possible.

“Years of planning and the work of very many people have made this day possible” stated Mr. A.L. McPhail, headmaster of Spotswood College. He wished to record publicly the debt owed to the High School Board for their efforts in providing New Plymouth with a school of which all might be proud and felt that the school was fortunate in having such an experienced board in control. He thanked the very many people who had contributed towards the establishment of the school, and concluded with these words:

“Now, girls and boys, it is our job, yours, the staff’s and mine to cherish this place, to establish such traditions that in the years to come the College will be held in high esteem by all who know us.”

Also included in the official opening party were the Mayor of New Plymouth Mr. A.G. Honnor, the member of Parliament for New Plymouth Mr. E.P. Aderman, Mr. Moss and the headmaster Mr. A.L. McPhail.

Before the opening ceremony bouquets were presented to Mesdames Honnor, McPhail and Aderman.

Afternoon tea was served in the staffroom to the official guests.