The Name & Uniform

Mr. McPhail was present at a meeting of parents called at Devon Intermediate School on 23rd July 1959 at which two parents’ representatives were to be appointed to the High School Board.


The meeting heard information on the full courses leading to university study, and on the bus services to cover a wide area.

NAMING THE SCHOOL(A tribute to a woman)

Many names were suggested for the new college at Spotswood. They included Paritutu, Wharekura ("young children given instruction"), Taitau (west land), Egmont and Spotswood. On 4th October, 1957 the Spotswood Primary Home and School association suggested the high school should be called Spotswood College to distinguish it from the two existing high schools in the city.

In 1959, the New Plymouth High Schools Board decided to respect the wishes of the parents and recommend to the Education Department that the name the new school be Spotswood College, the first secondary school in Taranaki with the title of College.

In 1903, the area was named the "Spotswood Settlement" after the the maiden name of Louisa Jane Seddon(nee:Spotswood) the wife of Richard John Seddon, the longest serving Premier of New Zealand from 1893 to 1906 (and Minister of Education from 1903-1906).


The meeting decided that the uniform would be grey(as recommended by the Board to carry on from Devon Intermediate School), dark green and gold.