History of The Spotswood Settlement

History of The Spotswood Settlement

Spotswood Settlement, situated between New Plymouth and the Taranaki Breakwater, has been acquired by the Government, under "The Land for Settlements Consolidation Act, 1900," from Messrs. Bailey and Mills and Mr T. 0. Kelsey-294 acres from the former and 12½ acres from the latter.

The land for over half a century, and until recently, was farmed by Mr John Putt and his sons, and when it came into the hands of the Government it was being successfully worked as a dairy farm, having on the property its own dairy factory, driven by water-power. In addition, however, to dairying, the late lessee, Mr George, also did a considerable amount of cropping, and some 53 acres of wheat and oats were harvested this season, giving a good crop.

The land generally lies between Paritutu and the Main South Road. The entrance to the settlement is from the Breakwater Road, being two miles and a quarter from New Plymouth and half a mile from the Breakwater, and is approached from the Breakwater Road by a new road which will be constructed to the South Road through the settlement, and to which every section will have a frontage, with the exception, of course, of those sections which have a frontage to the South Road. ·

The total area now offered is 301 acres 1 rood 28 perches, of which 170 acres 3 roods 8 perches, will be offered as workmen's homes in sixty-one sections, varying from 31 perches to 5 acres.

The remaining area of 130 acres 2 roods 20 perches will be offered as small farms, under ordinary Lands for Settlement conditions, in eight sections, varying in area from 8½ acres to 33¾ acres.

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