1960 - 1969 Reunion (2021)

1960 - 1969 Reunion (2021)

1960 - 1969 Reunion (2021)

As a follow-up to the unfortunate cancellation of the 60th Jubilee, and the rescheduling of the planned easter 2021 event. The two combined functions will be held at Labour weekend, 2021.

  • For ex-students "Reunion 1960-1969" to "Celebrate the McPhail era"
  • For current and former staff 1960 - 2021

This will be held at Labour weekend, 2021 on Saturday 23rd October.

The event will be restricted to a maximum of 350 due to limited space at The Plymouth International Hotel.

It was felt best to start with the first two decades of  ex-pupils due to the fact that in 2035 when the 75th Jubilee will be held they will be aged between 68 and 90.

It is possible that a 1980's  and 1990's Reunion (Decades three and four) could be held between 2025-2030.

The 2021 1960-1969 Reunion:

After 2 postponements due to the Covid-19 epidemic Easter 2020 & Easter 2021) it was decided to host a Reunion for the 1960-1979 first two decades to celebrate "The McPhail" era. On 17th August there was a Level 4 nationwide lockdown and on 4th October NZ with the exception of the Auckland region went to Level 2 with a restriction of 100 people maximum at an event. This meant the event was reduced to just ex-students and staff from the 1960-1969 first decade.
This event was held on Saturday 23rd October at The Plymouth Hotel.

The programme was:

5.00pm Collect registration tag.
5.30pm Mix and mingle
6.15pm Photos
6.30pm A 3 course set Reunion Dinner
8.00 - 11.00pm

Dance music by ex-pupil musicians:-
Charlie Winter(1963),
Keith FitzPatrick(1964),
Jeff Cleaver(1964),
Ross Halliday(1966), and
Trevor Shaskey(1973).
Bruce Sutton(1961) was a guest vocalist.

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