Making a Bequest or a Gift

Making a Bequest or a Gift

Making a Bequest or a Gift - You need to arrange this with your lawyer

A bequest/gift in your will is a positive way to do this. There are several ways in which you can nominate your gift.

A Specified Sum

This is a very common form of bequest where you specify a fixed amount, however it is recommended that you review your will every five years.

A Percentage Bequest

This allows for a specific percentage/proportion of your estate to be given to the Trust.

A Residuary Bequest

You may leave the balance of your estate to the Trust after all other expenses have been deducted.

Gift of Assets

You may prefer to leave a specified gift to the Trust. A property, shares, stocks, bonds, jewellery, works of art or other gifts you wish to nominate. These may be retained by the trust as a capital investment or sold to raise funds.

Your will is the only way you can be confident that your affairs will be settled as you would wish.

The Spotswood College Alumni Trust would appreciate you giving consideration to making a bequest/gift to the Trust in your will. If you are interested in doing this, we suggest that you speak to your lawyer/solicitor or financial advisor about this.
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