Poignant Events:

The following are the major/significant events that have occurred each year since the College opened:


2nd February- The College opened with 10 Staff (7 permanent and 3 part-time)and 136 3rd form students(62 Boys & 74 Girls)

23rd February- First Swimming Sports at Kawaroa Pool

10th March- First Athletic Sports held on Top field.

17th March- Parent-Teacher Association(PTA) established.

25th May- The College was officially opened by the Minister of Education Hon. P.O.S. Skoglund.

2nd June-First school social.

23rd June- B.C.G. tests

13th July- Freyberg HS from Palmerston North visit for sports exchange

22nd July- Spotswood sports teams visit Manurewa HS, South Auckland.

6th October- First Cross Country(Steeplechase)

7th October- Speech finals

School Hall opened during Term 3.

7th December- First Prize giving ceremony


6 new permanent Staff welcomed.

Roll approximately 280.

House names and colours chosen

Focus widens to encourage cultural side of school life--especially in music, drama and public speaking, etc.

March- 13 Evening classes start

5th July- Spotswood sports teams visit Freyberg H.S

14th July- Manurewa H.S. Sports teams arrive

26th September- Minister of Education visits

8th/9th November- First major production- Play  "Our Town"

At the prize giving the Principal refers to an upcoming nation-wide teacher shortage.


The roll was 431, with the Department of Education predicting it will peak between 800 and 1,000.

School Certificate exams taken for the first time by 70 Fifth form (Year 11) students.

After 2 years of trials for Prefects, 14 were selected. Renny Snell was chosen as Head Boy and Alison Bruning as Head Girl.

The first school Council was formed.

22nd February: Mr. A.H. Reed MBE, CBE visits on his walking tour of N.Z.

26th-29th March: Department Inspectors visit and comment "What docile pupils!"

11th April & 23rd May: Oral Polio vaccine no.1 and 2.

5th-7th June: 2nd Major Production- Play  "The Winslow Boy".

4th July: Freyberg HS sports teams visit.

20th July: Spotswood sports teams visit Manurewa HS.

27th October: Gala Day (Saturday), profit of £270 ($540).

29th November: First XI Cricket team beat Freyberg outright by 60 runs. In the first innings, Robert Mong 's impressive bowling figures were 10.5 overs 5 maidens 13 runs and 5 wickets. In the second innings Dennis McNamara's figures were 5 overs 1 maiden 13 runs and 5 wickets.


The roll was 550 and expected to be 620 in 1964.

University Entrance examinations taken for the first time by 32 Sixth form students (Year 12). 19 pass.

5th March: Crusader Movement established, with separate Boys' and Girls' groups.

18th June: 3rd Major Production- Play "The Sound of Murder"

11th July: Spotswood sports teams visit Freyberg HS.

20th July: Manurewa HS sports teams visit.

8th August: Tawa College (Wellington) visit for a combined music festival with choral and orchestral items plus an inter-school public speaking contest.

2nd November: Gala Day (Saturday). Net profit of £270($540).

14th November: Display night


The school roll has risen from 136 Foundation students in 1960 to 634. 10 foundation students comprise the first ever 6A (7th form) cohort.

Senior examinations at all 3 levels.

4th Major Production- Play "I Remember Mama"

First Musical- "Trial By Jury"

PTA main focus(under the guidance of Mr. O.E. Pat Sole) is to raise funding to provide a gymnasium for the College. The project was estimated to cost £12,000 ($24,000). The Government offered a subsidy of £2 for £1. 

Inter-school sports trips- Freyberg HS visited us and we visited Manurewa HS.

Sports teams: 3 Cricket;1 Girls' Hockey; 4 Netball; 4 Rugby; 2 Soccer; 

Musical Groups: Senior Orchestra; Madrical Singers; Massed Choir; 

19th February: Spotswood College Old Boys' Rugby Club and the Spotswood College Old Girls' Basketball(Netball) Club were established.

6th August: Music & Debating trip to Tawa College.The Orchestra had a rehearsal with the National Youth Orchestra.


Principal reports that school roll has increased rapidly and could be 200 more than the Department had expected for 1970. Roll could go as high as 1,200 so the Department is looking into a new type of organisation of "schools within a school". Additional classrooms and more playing areas are required.

PTA continues to raise funds towards the new gymnasium.

The highlight of the Musical year was the production of a vynil record. The Massed Choir recorded the "Hallelujah Chorus" and "Worthy Is the Lamb" - 2 pieces from Handel's Messiah. A special choir sang excerpts from Prince Igor and the Madrical Singers sang a bracket of Hungarian folk-songs. The recordings were made in The Whiteley Church with the City orchestra. A mighty effort by Mr. Guy Jansen.

The College Tramping Club was formed in Term 2.

Freyberg HS and Manurewa HS trips continued.

25th March: Summer sports visit by Freyberg HS. In the cricket match Rod Grant takes 6 wickets for 19 runs. Spotwood lost in first innings. Spotswood won the Tennis 8 games to 6.

8th August: Music and debating visit from Tawa HS.The debating team won the New Plymouth Jaycees Cup.

August: Mr. G. Procter and 9 Boys undertake a 9 day educational trip to NSW, Australia.

70 students and staff undertake an 8 day trip to Curious Cove, Queen Charlotte Sound, Picton.

Sports teams: 2 Cricket; 5 Rugby; 4 Soccer; 1 Boys' and 1 Girls' Hockey; 


Finally,  sound and complete school development plan had been undertaken by the Regional office of the department in consultation with the Board and the school. This plan had long been necessary as the original ultimate roll was expected to be 700, this was raised to 1100 and was increased again to 1400.

There still remained discussion as to the building of a fourth secondary school for New Plymouth.

Discussions for a third Nelson type block (B Block) to be built on the two sections on the old Harkness site. 

A decision was made to build the new Library at the front of the school.

Preliminary work had been done on the "schools within a school" concept. There would be two Junior schools of Forms three to five; and 1 senior school of the two sixth forms.

Scholarship examinations introduced and a revised University Bursaries examination.

What was believed to be a first in New Zealand, Mr. Rod Greensill establishes a pre-vocational guidance course for selected 5th form (Year 11) students. The 8 students spent one day per week working a normal day at a job.

PTA gymnasium fund raising project continues to be most successful. It is hoped that building may start in 1967.

Major Production- A Play -  "Tobias and the Angel".

March: The Tramping Club spent anniversary weekend improving the Moki Track for carrying in timber for the building of the College hut.

23rd - 27th April: Mr. Jansen accompanies 20 girls for a trip to Wellington to sing with 180 other girls at the Royal Youth Concert for Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

28th July: Spotswood (60 students in 2 buses) visits Tawa College for Cultural exchange. Spotswood won the debate, with Dianne Charman as best speaker.

27th August: Mr. & Mrs. Procter lead a group of students on an 8 day trip to Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney.

2nd - 10th September: 44 students and staff undertake an 8 day trip to Curious Cove, Queen Charlotte Sound, Picton.

Spotswood sports trip to Manurewa HS, and Freyberg HS visited Spotswood(6th July).

Rugby First XV to wear Gold jerseys and green shorts to distinguish them from the lower grade teams who played in green and gold hooped jerseys.

Sports teams: 5 Rugby; 3 Soccer: 2 Boys' and 1 Girls' Hockey; 

29th October: The Dance committee ghosts a "Carnival Dance". Voting for a Carnival Queen had taken place during the previous fortnight and from the 27 contestants, Judy McDonald was declared the winner.